Biodiversity Net Gain: the new metric

Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for England) and Natural England last week published the latest version of their Biodiversity Metric. This is important because it is the way we will measure Biodiversity Gain when the new planning requirements set out in the Environment Bill become law. It should be of vital interest … Continue reading Biodiversity Net Gain: the new metric

Land Management 2.0

I was privileged to be asked to take part in an interview by Tim Hopkins of the Land App for his Land Management 2.0 series recently. After the interview I received a very interesting question from a member of the audience which had missed the chairman's cut during the interview itself. It came from Emma … Continue reading Land Management 2.0

Agriculture Acts 1920 and 2020

One hundred years ago the Agriculture Act 1920 sought to provide farmers with the confidence they needed to expand their arable acreage to ensure a reliable and plentiful supply of home grown food. It did this by guaranteeing a minimum price for oats and wheat into the indefinite future. The Act also promised that the … Continue reading Agriculture Acts 1920 and 2020