Terra Pragmatica

Terra Pragmatica is my rural property ‘thinktank’.  It is concerned with pragmatic consideration of issues facing the management of rural land – the art of the possible.  The two major themes of this work at the moment are concerned with practical natural capital and the problems arising from the use of compulsory purchase powers.

Compulsory Purchase and Utilities

A selection of articles from the Estates Gazette will give a flavour of some of the concerns that arise in this area:

EG 19 May 2018 Compulsory Purchase Flaws

EG 3 Nov 2018 Compulsory Purchase Survey

A survey is underway to gather evidence about current practice in compulsory purchase and utilities work, and agents and valuers acting for promoters and claimants are all encouraged to respond to the survey for each case they complete.  The link is here.  There are already a useful number of responses but I would like to have gathered at least 100 responses by Christmas 2018.  This will allow useful comparative analysis within the results.

Practical natural capital

Much has been written about natural capital, public money for public goods, ecosystem services etc etc.  These concepts are set to take centre stage in future public support for farming, but what will all this look like on the ground?  Since working on a project on Exmoor nearly 10 years ago I have continued to take a strong interest in this area, writing, speaking and working on various projects.  These slides: Flogging Nature ALA Oct 2018, presented at an Agricultural Law Association seminar in October 2018 give a flavour.

Other outputs in this area have included:

The economic value of culm grasslands in North Devon

Value of natural capital: the need for chartered surveyors

RICS Thinkpiece: Market Value to Natural Value (2012)

Several of my blog posts and tweets concern this topic as well.

Terra pragmatica pro bono publico


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