About Charles Cowap



Charles Cowap is a Chartered Surveyor and Education Specialist with over 30 years’ experience of new developments in rural estate management and valuation, from the emergence of management agreements under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, the arrival of Milk Quotas in 1984 to localism, social media, new forms of asset valuation, natural capital and public money for public goods in 2021.  He is now a leading analyst and interpreter of the latest developments for the profession and the rural economy through his work  with RICS, CAAV, in education and with other organisations and clients.  Charles is a visiting lecturer at Harper Adams University, having lectured there from 1990 until his retirement in 2018.  He is a founder director of Natural Capital Consortium Ltd, which exists to promote understanding and application of natural capital approaches in rural land management and valuation.  He continues to write on technical matters including the Rural View column in the Estates Gazette and runs a referral consultancy and training business focused on the needs of practising rural chartered surveyors and other rural business advisers.

What Charles does:

  • Specialised valuation staff development, review and training consultancy
  • Natural capital applications on rural estates and land
  • Confidential Red Book Valuation Review service
  • Rural taxation reviews, overviews and updates
  • Rural estate strategic reviews, strategic and stakeholder analysis
  • Facilitation of meetings, strategic discussions,  and reviews for directors, trustees, partners, rural estates, farms and other land-holding organisations and charities
  • Confidential Coaching and Mentoring for rural professionals.  This covers:
    • Career development from professional trainees to partner/director level
    • Organisational development, advice and feedback with a particular focus on organisational learning
    • Mentoring for senior partners/divisional directors
    • Regular or ad hoc support
    • Organisational succession planning
    • Development and practice of presentation skills
  • Rural policy consultation, analysis, response and briefing
  • WordWright: Technical Writing and Presentations
  • Public speaker and presenter, meeting facilitator
  • Social media, especially Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, SlideShare and Storify: advice and authorship, consultation, promoting and crowdsourcing
  • Education, training and assessment
  • Educational and course development and management

In recent years he has worked on various valuation publications, including authorship of the RICS Guidance Note on Valuation of Trees for Amenity and Related Purposes, the Information Paper on Comparables, joint authorship of the Guidance on 1986 Act Rent Reviews published with CAAV and the Information Paper on renewable energy valuations published in May 2012.  He is also the author of the chapter on agricultural property in Valuation, Principles into Practice published by Estates Gazette, and Milk Quotas in Valuation: Special Properties, Special Purposes by the same publisher.  The Terra Pragmatica page gives more details of his work on compulsory purchase and practical natural capital.  Charles has also developed inhouse training programmes for a number of clients, including most recently a five part programme on natural capital for rural professionals offered in association with the Ecosystem Knowledge Network.

Concise Rural Taxation, his annual tax update, enjoys a healthy following amongst rural estate managers and rural valuers (see tab for details of this annual publication)

Charles has previously worked with what is now the Valuation Office Agency where, as a senior valuer, he specialised in rural compensation and taxation work in Cheshire, and as a surveyor/land management adviser with the Agricultural Development and Advisory Service in Nottinghamshire and then Cheshire.  In 1990 he joined Harper Adams University College where he  worked in a variety of ground-breaking roles, as a course manager, group leader, Director of the Rural Employer Engagement Development Network (REEDNet), curriculum delivery manager and chairman of the Academic Standards Committee.  During this period Charles  also worked with Reading University (Henley Business School), Royal Agricultural College and College of Estate Management in various roles.  Charles is currently an external examiner at the Royal Agricultural University and the University of Aberdeen.

This breadth and depth of professional experience and knowledge mean that Charles is much in demand as a speaker and facilitator at CPD events, both public and inhouse with an emphasis on online delivery.  This now includes the ground-breaking #rubrief series of online seminars on a range of rural professional topics.

For examples of Charles’ work and recent projects, see:

LinkedIn:       http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/charles-cowap/14/b52/852

Blog:              https://charlescowap.wordpress.com/

Twitter:           @charlescowap

Slideshare:    http://www.slideshare.net/cdcowap

Storify:           http://storify.com/charlescowap

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