The government’s Agriculture Bill has now left the House of Commons for consideration by the House of Lords.  A last ditch effort by a grand alliance of countryside organisations to make amendments which would have slowed the transition period and introduced tougher standards for international food trade was not successful, but it must be hoped that the House of Lords will be able to give these proposals the careful consideration they surely deserve.

The Agriculture Bill is not the only bill that will play a massive role in the future shape of UK farming.  An Environment Bill contains very wide ranging measures, and a Trade Bill will regulate international trade.  Both are further behind the Parliamentary timetable than the Agriculture Bill.  The Trade Bill is the furthest behind with its second reading in the Commons due this Wednesday, while the Environment Bill is at its committee stage on which a report is expected by 25 June.  After the Commons, both bills will have to be considered in the House of Lords.  Both bills may offer another opportunity for the grand alliance to stress again its views on transition and trade.  Meanwhile Brexit news is that negotiations are going nowhere fast, much like a lot of the world at the moment.

With this year’s BPS applications largely in it’s time again to take stock of the future of farming and rural land management, and with this in mind this Friday’s online #RuBrief asks, ‘Where next for natural capital and NELMS’.  Ninety minutes of formal cpd from the convenience of your laptop, tablet or even smartphone, starting at 09.30.  All the details are on Eventbrite along with details of some of our other forthcoming events:

Do join us.  #RuBrief sessions provide lots of opportunity for interaction with other delegates and presenters, and are supported with follow-up notes and recordings for further reference.

One thought on “Where next with Natural Capital?

  1. Charles

    Am I havering or have you missed the date off this?

    Hope you are well


    Alan Spedding, FRAgS, MIAgrM

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