Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

Since last year I have been running a survey on compulsory purchase and utilities practice.  Responses keep coming in, and more are welcome from valuers who have finalised negotiations on compulsory purchase – whether acting for promoters or claimants.  The survey can be found here.  It can be completed quite quickly and asks about your experience of one claim on one scheme.  If you deal with claims regularly please do consider completing the survey every time you finalise a claim.  You are welcome to provide your name and contact details which will be completely confidential, but equally the survey does not oblige you to do so and even the most incomplete of responses can still be useful.

The RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) have now commissioned me to prepare an Insight Paper on compulsory purchase.  This will draw on the results of the survey in presenting a review of ‘where we are now’ with compulsory purchase, the continuing issues for claimants and promoters with a forward look at how practice might usefully develop in future.  The survey will provide some helpful quantitative material for this report, but I would also welcome qualitative inputs as well.  Perhaps you would be willing to spend a few minutes discussing your experience of compulsory purchase as a valuer?  Whether representing promoters, claimants or as an employee?  I am particularly interested in broader organisational and cultural perspectives, and how compulsory purchase and compensation may need to evolve over the next twenty years or more.

Please make confidential contact if you would be willing to take part in a short structured discussion at a mutually convenient time.  Direct contact most welcome, or via this contact form if you prefer:

Meanwhile you may be interested in two articles I published in the Estates Gazette last year.  They give a little more background to the survey and some early results:

EG 19 May 2018 Compulsory Purchase Flaws

EG 3 Nov 2018 Compulsory Purchase Survey


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