Agricultural Policy Update

Where are we now with national policy for agriculture?  We still don’t know the future of support payments beyond the promise of public money only for public goods; we don’t know for sure when the UK will no longer be part of the EU and therefore when transitional arrangements to a new domestic policy will start.  Nor do we yet know the terms on which we will trade with other countries.  

An agricultural policy update is the subject of our next #RuBrief online seminar, taking place live on 7 June, 09.30 to 11.00.  Bookings are now open at:

But we do know the eddies and currents which are now swirling around the future of agricultural policy.  It is clear that inaction is not an option for the forward-minded farm business; it is also clear that many farm businesses can take steps to position themselves as strongly as possible for whatever the future holds.

Join us to look at the current position, to review the current performance of the main farm types and to see what lessons can be learned for anybody working with farmers now and in the future.  This seminar is likely to be of particular interest to candidates for the RICS Rural Assessment of Professional Competence with its requirements for a sound understanding of current farming methods and economics.  Equally however it will be useful to anybody needing an enhanced appreciation of where farming is today, and where it might be going in future.

More details and booking can be found on this link.

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