Latest on RICS Rule Changes

This week sees several new rule changes from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors for members and regulated firms.  These cover Clients’ money protection and its compliance with Anti-Money Laundering rules, new rules on the use of the chartered designations and logo for firms and changes to professional indemnity insurance requirements.

RICS also continues to publish a steady output of Professional Statements, Guidance Notes and other information which practitioners are expected to keep abreast of in their day to day work.  These now cover a vast range of practice: terms of engagement for rural estate management services, numerous valuation statements and guidance, dispute resolution, rural arbitration and many others.

It’s not always easy to track down all the relevant material but the RICS web page on Standards is an obvious starting point.  Neither is the relationship between a Code of Practice, a Professional Statement, a Practice Statement, a Valuation Standard and a Guidance Note always that clear to practitioners who may have qualified some time ago, or to candidates preparing themselves for the Assessment of Professional Competence with various definitions having been superseded over the years.

This Friday’s online seminar is an ideal opportunity to acquaint or re-acquaint yourself with the current ethical and standards framework of the RICS as it applies to current rural practice.  This will qualify as formal CPD for RICS recording purposes and will satisfy the three-yearly obligation to ensure that at least some of your CPD covers ethical matters directly.  Please visit our Eventbrite page for booking details (or paste this link into our browser:

Other #RuBrief online seminars up to July include an update on Inheritance Tax and CGT, a rural valuation update, and a review of emerging agricultural policy.  More details on our #RuBrief Eventbrite page (or paste this link:


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