#RuBrief online rural CPD seminars return for 2019

Joint Ventures in Farming is the topic of our first #RuBrief online seminar for 2019. We will be online from 09.15 (GMT) on Friday 11 January 2019. In our 90 minute session we will look at the key attributes of modern joint venture agreements in farming – contract farming in particular. We will also review the circumstances in which a joint venture might be the right answer – and where it might be the wrong answer. Key pitfalls for the farmer and the contractor will also be considered, including questions of resilience as we move into a new era for UK farming. Will or should contract farming agreements continue to be one of the choices from April onwards? This will also pick up key longer term questions around succession, inheritance and tax planning for the longer-term; as well as the steps that must be taken to ensure assets are protected and secure in the long and short term.

Visit our Eventbrite site for booking and other details: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/rubrief-joint-ventures-in-farming-tickets-53554254216

Better still, why not have a look at our programme for the year? It can also be seen on Eventbrite at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/rubrief-2019-season-ticket-tickets-53558950262, where you can also see details of our season ticket offer for the full year: 10 sessions for the price of 12! Attendance at these alone will provide a full 15 hours of formal CPD for rural practice professionals, meaning that with a little additional informal CPD we have your full RICS CPD obligations covered for the year. Where relevant our sessions also cover ethical dimensions. The full programme will be covering:

11 January: Joint ventures in farming

Contract farming is a very important business arrangement in modern farming. It offers a useful alternative to maintaining a fully-equipped farm, and allows the deployment of expertise which might not be available from within the farm’s own resources, while keeping control over strategic and operational management in ways which are not possible when a tenancy is granted.

1 February: Rural legal and case update

New statutes, regulations and judgments arrive nearly every week. In this session we will be taking a selection of the most relevant to rural practice consultancy and valuation work, explaining their significance and examining their practical relevance to professional practice. An essential safeguard and update for every practitioner!

1 March: Agricultural tenancy update

Rural practitioners in all fields and at all levels must maintain an up to date knowledge of the latest developments affecting agricultural tenancies. Obviously crucial when advising directly on tenancy matters, this awareness is no less vital when undertaking valuations, offering strategic business or estate advice or dealing with planning applications and development issues.

5 April: Update on professional practice guidance including ethical requirements

RICS and other bodies produce a regular stream of Professional Statements, Guidance Notes and other information for the direction and guidance of surveying practitioners. Join us to make sure you haven’t missed anything which is relevant to your sphere of rural practice in the last twelve months or so. Particularly useful for those changing professional practice areas and preparing for the APC. Should also count towards the RICS requirement to keep up to date with ethical issues

10 May: Capital and Land Taxes Update

With a new tax year little more than a month old take this opportunity to catch up with the latest developments in the key taxes which affect the long term management of land, and its valuation. We will look at Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, SDLT and the latest thinking on vacant land taxes and development value uplift. A useful review at an early stage in the tax year while there is still plenty of time to do anything about any problems which might be around the corner.

7 June: Agricultural Policy Update: ELMS, public money for public goods and the emerging new law

With the Agriculture Bill setting the scene for a new era in public support for and policy towards agriculture we shall study the latest developments in Environmental Land Standards, the funding outlook and how best to manage the post-Brexit transition

5 July: Rural Valuation Update

There are few developments in rural law, taxation, policy, development planning and control or agricultural economics which do not have an implication for rural valuation work. Take this opportunity to update across the entire field as it affects rural valuation work. Ideal for both the practising valuer and also those aspiring to Registered Valuer status, either as APC candidates or already qualified.

13 September: Telecoms Code

An update on our popular 2018 class. Another look at the Telecoms Code under the Digital Economy Act in the light of recent developments in practice and the emerging lessons from the Upper Tribunal Lands Chamber/Lands Tribunal for Scotland

4 October: Rural planning update

Planning policy and law rarely stands still for long. We will be looking at the latest on the National Planning Policy Framework, CIL, Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects, major infrastructure projects, development control, permitted development and all the other aspects of the planning system which so impinge on the management of rural land and its valuation. Aimed at the general rural practitioner who needs a good understanding of current planning issues

1 November: WildCard

We will identify the topic for this seminar closer to the time, based on key issues to have emerged by autumn 2019 and the extent to which there is a pressing need for them to be addressed in the profession

6 December: Looking back, looking ahead

We end the year with a general update on the issues that have been shaping rural land management, farming and valuation; and looking ahead to the key challenges we will be facing in 2020. Vital for anybody with a role in the strategic development of their own or their clients’ businesses. Assuming we will know the content of Budget 2019 by now we will also cover the key tax messages

Sign up now to map your rural CPD for the year ahead. Places are limited so first-come; first-served. We look forward to seeing you online in 2019.

4 thoughts on “#RuBrief online rural CPD seminars return for 2019

  1. Charles

    The below courses look extremely interesting

    Unfortunately they seem to fall on a Friday when I am in the cattle market.

    Is there a way of receiving a recording of the lecture please?

    Kind regards



    1. Thanks James. I hope you received my email reply. We hope to try some alternative spots in the next year, but meanwhile it is possible to subscribe to the session and even if you can’t join us ‘live’ you can still see the recording for a few weeks afterwards and receive the follow up notes from the session as well. Kind regards

  2. Charles

    Would it be possible to keep me informed about the Rural Planning Update taking place on 4th October?

    Many thanks

    Ian Lings

    1. Thanks Ian, We’ll do our best but in case we somehow manage not to do so we will be promoting each session here, on LinkedIn and on twitter. INdividual bookings should also be available for all the sessions this year in the next few weeks on Eventbrite. Kind regards

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