Start the week with a survey and end it with money!

I am running two surveys and would be grateful for readers’ responses to the questions.  One survey is about compulsory purchase and utilities and practice.  This survey is already yielding some very useful information about current practice in compulsory purchase and utility work, using responses from agents for claimants and promoters.  Please add your own experience at this link

We are well on the way to 100 responses and it would be great to get there by Christmas.

The second survey is about your future CPD (Continuing Professional Development) needs, in particular the topics for our #rubrief series of online seminars in 2019.  There are two prizes on offer for this one but the deadline for the prize draw closes at the end of this week!  We are trying to gauge your interest in a selection of topics under consideration for 2019 – and please feel free to add your own as well.  This survey is at this link:

End the week with some money?  Yes: Friday sees out next #rubrief online seminar.  We are dealing with the new accounting rules and in particular what rural valuers need to know about them.  GAAP, FRS 102, FRS 105, Biological Assets: the language of the new accounting regulations is as baffling to non-accountants as the Red Book must be to non-valuers. Yet as a profession much of our work in valuation is tied up with accounting requirements. Even the humble farm stock-taking valuation is potentially affected by changes in accounting regulations. This web class will focus on what the valuer needs to know to respond appropriately and effectively to instructions for valuations required for formal accounts.

Find our more here:  And if you haven’t tried one of our online seminars here’s an ideal opportunity to take the plunge and top up your CPD in time for the end of year deadline. This is also ideal material for RICS APC candidates on the finance and valuation competencies.  I look forward to hearing from you through one channel or another this week.

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