Strategy and the land manager

These slides provide an update on the survey I have been undertaking for my RAU 100 Club/RICS (Royal Agricultural University/Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Fellowship on the topic of strategy in rural estate management. The 151 respondents to date have been involved in the management of at least 1.973 million acres in the last year, and potentially up to 4 million acres. It’s therefore probably reasonable to claim a mid figure of 3 million acres, or at least 1 million hectares. Analysis continues but there are already some very interesting results.

2 thoughts on “Strategy and the land manager

  1. Hi Charles,

    Interesting findings – it does not bode well for the sustainability of UK agriculture and the protection of the environment.

    You might like to consider a systemic approach .

    If you are interested come back to me. I always enjoy your blogs.

    Kind regards


    Ian Richardson

    1. Thanks Ian
      Yes, I’ll follow up on the link as I progress with this project. I have removed your contact details from the comment before publishing just in case you didn’t want them visible to the world at large!

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