Farmers’ Awareness of Wildlife Conservation Value – England and Wales

Farmers: please can you help a postgraduate student at Birmingham City University (BCU) with this survey?  This also forms part of the wider research undertaken by Professor Alister Scott at BCU.  The researchers say:

“This short survey aims to investigate the Farmers’ Awareness of wildlife conservation values in England and Wales. It forms part of research by Birmingham School of the Built Environment Birmingham City into aspects of Environmental Sustainability

“We would like to find out more about your ideas and attitudes towards the conservation value of your farm. The information gathered in this survey will be used for research purposes, to help us provide much needed intelligence on how farmers feel nature conservation activities can be supported. None of the questions are compulsory, and your responses will remain anonymous.”

Alistair has stressed that it’s not necessary to answer every question if that would take too long as all and any responses will be useful.

The survey itself can be downloaded here:

BCU Farmer Survey

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Farmers’ Awareness of Wildlife Conservation Value – England and Wales

  1. Hi Charles
    Can you stress ALL questions don’t have to be completed. It’s a bit long otherwise.

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