Rural Planning Blight: what can you do?

Find out what you can do if faced by ‘blight’ from public development proposals on your property.  This RICS webclass covers the circumstances which give rise to blight, how this fits in with compulsory purchase more generally, how to serve a blight notice and what happens next, and how to deal with compensation claims.  The webclass is open to non-members of RICS as well as members, but a certain amount of background knowledge of planning and compulsory purchase would be helpful.

So if you’re facing the prospect of HS2, or any of the other big public developments promised in last week’s Spending Review, this could be the ideal opportunity to get up to speed with this vitally important area, whether as an affected landowner or rural professional adviser.

Click here for details of the webclass and booking arrangements.

The webclass takes place on 10 July at 9.00 am and lasts 90 minutes.  The presentation is accompanied by various activities which ensure you are able to test your understanding, and there is plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.  Feedback on previous webclasses in the RICS Rural Series has been excellent, and this class promises to be no exception.  A recording of the class is available for a week afterwards, as well as copies of the slides which will be used.

This is a novel but effective way to keep up with your CPD – straight from the comfort of your own desk; with a suitable internet connection you could even take part from the comfort of your bed!  Plus there are no travelling costs, and by sharing with a friend the cost goes even further!

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