Rural CPD Online: What’s coming up

The new season of RICS Training Rural Webclasses got underway last week with our first session on rural planning after the National Planning Policy Framework. Once again we had excellent feedback from delegates, and it has marked a great start to our 2012/13 season.  These classes are open to all, not just chartered surveyors.

Topics coming up include:

Inheritance Tax update: 21 and 28 November. These classes are available as a pair, and will include a forum for participants to share thoughts and questions inbetween the classes. This should add to the value of the session and of course, add to the cpd attained.

Agricultural tenancy matters: 23 January and 6 February. Another pair of classes which will bring participants up to date with the latest in this vital area.

Energy valuations 20 March: – based on the RICS Information Paper on Valuation of Renewable Energy Installations and more recent developments, and presented by its author

Compulsory Purchase and Compensation. 22 May and 5 June: Another pair of classes updating this fast moving area.

Planning Blight: 10 July: A natural follow-on from the pair of classes on compulsory purchase. Again, a complex area for practitioners on the farm.

Cannot see the topic you want? Then let us know and we will see if we can include something on it.

Details including booking and pricing can be found at the RICS Training weblink.

Bulk discounts are available to individuals and companies which can mean prices start at £10 per class, but the real savings and benefits are in being able to undertake effective CPD at your desk, and the ability to interact online with the other participants and with colleagues who have also taken part after the class has finished.

Several firms have reported key benefits for team building and communication within the firm on current professional developments – an opportunity too often lacking from modern professional lives.

Feedback on previous classes:

“Time very well spent once I had managed to log in!”

“I do think that the inter-active nature of questions, personal experiences and polls is very useful. Expanding to a Forum will be advatageous.”

“Charles was an excellent presenter and spoke clearly. He was knowledgable on the topic and explained things well without jargon etc.”

“These web class lectures/tutorials represent an easy and flexible way to keep up to date whilst not leaving the office or travelling long distances. Therefore they are cheaper and great value especially for those of us who are not based near or in the major cities and commercial centres”

“This was an excellent session – thank you very much indeed”

“Good time of day for course,easy to use and overall very good method of learning.”

Hope to see you on a webclass soon!

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