Calling all farmers who blog

This is an invitation:

  • An invitation to readers to see if we can make a comprehensive list of farmers who blog.  I have made a very modest start below, not yet counting microblogs on twitter for example – there seem to be more of these;
  • An invitation to a final year or postgraduate student at Harper Adams University College to research farmer blogs for the major research project/dissertation.

I am sure we could undertake a fascinating study of blogging amongst farmers.  For example, do farmers write for other farmers as another means of social interaction, is it a way for individual farmers to make the farming ‘voice’ heard by policy and law-makers, is the blog a direct link to consumers, is it all of these and more?  How often do farmers blog?  How much is this affected by seasonality?  What impact do farmer blogs have on their readership, and how big is the readership?  Is there a farmer blogger out there to rival the impact of former RSPB Director, Mark Avery?  What is the potential for farmer blogs as a medium for agricultural advice and development?  Can we/should we distinguish commercial farmers/managers/workers from hobbyists, foodies etc?

Please do provide feedback via the comments section, or to @charlescowap on twitter.  If we can compile a big list of farmer bloggers I’ll set up a separate page to list them all.

Meanwhile, here’s the fledgling list of farmer bloggers in the UK, plus a link to another blog which has tried to recruit farmer bloggers.

Farmers who blog

Matt Redman: Arable Farm Foreman, Bedfordshire:

Jon Birchall, Offley Hoo:

Jake Freestone: Farmer Jake:

Mudhound: land drainage contractor:

Owd Fred:

Neil Wilson, Low Barend Farm:

Farmers Guardian guest bloggers:

Farmers Weekly hosted blogs:

Farm Blogs from Around the World:



11 thoughts on “Calling all farmers who blog

  1. We have a farm blog on – mainly a form of farm diary to give info to all the people who walk the footpaths through the farm or visit us to buy Christmas trees so they can see what’s happening. Thinking of using qr codes on footpath posts to link to pages on blog – not sure what info yet but think it must be the way forward.

  2. Anne,
    Thanks for sharing your blog. I thought it was very informative. Interesting idea about the qr codes. I hope we’ll be able to compile quite a list of farmer bloggers.


  3. I recently put together a proposal for a network of farm blogs similar to the popular UKFood Blogger Association network of food blogs. I’ve emailed it to you in case you might be interested.


  4. We blog too, about all kinds of farming and wildlife ventures. From bee-keeping to tool-making – if you’re interested in blogs about the outdoors, read up here!

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